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The before pictures...

This fire truck was originally owned by the Horse Plains Volunteer Fire Dept. in Plains, MT.  It was acquired by the Jackson Volunteer Fire Dept. in Jackson, MT.  Something went wrong with the water pump, so the truck was no longer useful as a fire truck.  Through some meticulous exchanges, Darrin was able to secure ownership of this bad boy, and the planning began.

The major strip down...

The first order of business was removing the water tank, unfortunately no pictures were taken of that process.  Next came removal of the water pump.  Many parts and pieces were cut and removed before it could be lifted out with L.S. Ready Mix's crane truck.  The driveline had to be removed and rebuilt so that there could be an open floor plan in the back of the truck. Beaverhead Repair graciously rebuilt the driveline.  Derek was always willing to do the dirty work.

We had to use some heavy machinery to gut the back of the truck so we could have a deck/cooking area.  A big thank you goes out to L.S. Ready Mix for the use of their machinery, shop, and tools. We also had to call on some strong young men...thanks Derek and Jade! In the section below, the passenger side panel had been removed, steps and the deck installed. The flat top grill, which originally came from Western, was lifted onto the back of the truck. The little smoker was donated by Dick and Shannon Smith and somehow it fit perfectly! And, of course, some modification had to be done to the keg compartments. That had to be just right.

Fabrication and installation...

The finishing touches...

The first addition was the flag pole, which is 35' tall and now flies the American Flag and the Bulldogs or Beavers flag, which ever game it's at.  Maybe some Cubs games in the future?


Then came the stickers. Oh my the stickers!  Joan and Harold at 3-D did a fantastic job.  The flying 'W's went on first, then the Beavers, Cubs, and Bulldogs logos.  After that, the '18's went on representing Dillon and M.J.  The 'GO DAWGS' under the smoker went on at some point.  Darrin designed the 'Bulleavers Tailgating Company' logo that  resided on the front doors for the first tailgating season.


Trina stained the floor and the shelf below the smoker and did a little painting on the sides.


Now for the beverage dispensers.  As shown above, the compartment next to the control panel worked perfect, after some minor adjustments for the kegs.  Because what is a tailgate truck with out kegs?  It took some ingenuity and awesome fabrication by Darrin, Jason Rose, and Travis Jensen, to get the beer, provided by Stockman Bank, cold and flowing right out of the panel.  

Mike Marsh acquired battery power and installed it, a stereo given to us by Brandon Turney, and speakers given to us by Dick Smith, and Lindsey and Jason Ericksen.  Derek supplied the 'Montana Western' sign under the smoker and "GO DAWGS!"

The "Bulleavers Tailgating Company" became "Engine 18" in late 2017. Darrin designed new logos, the flying W 18 mimicks Flint's tattoo.

The black flying W is on the back of the truck. New tap handles were ordered in the off season. Also added, thanks to Darrin, a t-shirt canon!

Darrin did some nice finish work on the "Deano's Bar" compartment, in memory of our friend and long time Western supporter Dean Ovitt. The bench Max is sitting on was given to us by the Pita Pit (one on each side). Yes, they were in the old Dairy Queen. We couldn't be without a TV!


This picture does not need an explanation. However, it is important to know that Engine 18 would not have turned out as cool as it is without the help of all of these people and businesses. It is amazing how much help we have received from the Dillon community. We are very fortunate to live in such a generous area. We are confident that support for Engine 18 will continue and we will be able to help more student athletes.



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